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The EasyRods '49 - '51 Ford Kit - The Basic Steps

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1989-1997 T-Bird-Cougar Sport Coupes are readily available at reasonable prices. They come with 3.8, 3.8 supercharged, 5.0 small block and 4.6 modular motors and can be hopped up easily. Of course, they have P/S, P/B, P/W, Air, etc. Later cars also have ABS and Air Bags. EasyRods has the hints and tips to further disguise the look of the stock Thunderbird or Cougar.

Just unbolt the front fenders, hood and hinges and trim the front radiator support. This is the only cutting on the car! The radiator, battery and all mechanicals stay in place. The only thing disconnected are the lights. The car stays fully mobile.

The EasyRods Ford Kit comes complete with EVERYTHING you will need to build it!

With the basic Easy Rod kit, high quality hand laid fiberglass components are pre-engineered to BOLT-ON, SCREW-ON, and GLUE-ON with 3M #8115 Adhesive included with the kit. Installation instructions and video with building hints and tips are also available. Check our Support page or send $15.00 check or money order to: BOB HESS, 2728 Dover Road, Bamber Lake,NJ 08731

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The hood closes onto the stock 89-97 hood latch and catch assembly. The shroud screws and glues to the top of the radiator support and fenders. It also supports the grill.The metal gravel shield bolts directly to the bottom of radiator support.

Just unbolt the trunk lid, tail lights, and rear
bumper cover. Remove the stock gas door from the hinge and trim as required. Our gas door simply glues and screws to original hinge.


When these cars are traditionally built by custom rod builders, the entire rear section must be cut off both the '49-'51 & '89-'97 models and then radically modified to fit.

However, our patent pending design ELIMINATES ALL THE CUTTING, WELDING, & HARD WORK.

The upper lip goes into the original trunk gap and the inner lip surrounding the wheel area simply glues and screws to the 89-97 vehicle 1/4 panel. Our design uses the stock hinges, latch, solenoid, and weather strip ensuring a much better seal than any custom built set-up. Also the 1/4 panel skin overlays fit into the original trunk gap and wheel lip. They start over the wheel area about as thick as a pizza box & get thicker as they go back. As a result, very little blending is required.

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You supply the finish bodywork, then prime, paint and chrome to your taste. There are many different grill styles and small touches you can add to create your own completely unique vehicle!
With an EasyRods Kit you will be driving a COOL & RADICAL EasyRod in Hours NOT Years!